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Flu vaccination in 2021


From May 30 2021, you must have had the 2021 flu vaccine if it is available to you, to enter an aged care facility.  This includes children over six months of age.

A person must not enter, or remain on, the premises of a residential aged care facility in the State of Queensland if:

after 30 May 2021, the person does not have an up-to-date vaccination against influenza, if the vaccination is available to that person.

Note: the vaccination is not available to a person only if:

  • the person has a medical contradiction to the influenza vaccine; or
  • the person is observing the recommended waiting period between receiving the COVID-19 vaccine and the influenza vaccine.

Please refer to the Public Health Direction Order for further information: https://www.health.qld.gov.au/system-governance/legislation/cho-public-health-directions-under-expanded-public-health-act-powers/aged-care

Just like last year you will have to provide proof of current influenza vaccination upon entry to any aged care facility in Queensland after May 30th.

If you cannot have an influenza vaccination for medical reasons, we will require a signed medical certificate stating the reason for non-administration prior to entry.

The advice from the Australian Technical Advisory Group on immunisation is that there must be a 14-day gap between vaccinations.  This means that if you have had a a COVID-19 vaccination (of whatever type) you cannot have the influenza vaccination for 7 days afterwards.  If you fall within this window from May 30th 2021, we will require a copy of the date of your COVID-19 vaccination by a letter from where you received your vaccination.

We will work with you to ensure that visiting goes as smoothly as possible.


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Flu vaccination in 2021

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