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Angela Malseed – bringing light, love & laughter to a new chapter of AQ client lives

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In 2020, Brisbane-based globetrotter, and mother-to-three, Angela Malseed, joined our AQ team.

After surrendering her full-time nursing home position in 2020 to assume an administrative role with AQ, Angela soon climbed the ranks. In July, 2022, she was promoted to Client Service Coordinator for our AQ Garden City Multiservice Centre in South Brisbane, which is closely connected with our AQ Rehab Centre.

“I was happy to start at AQ in an administrative role, to get a feel for the organisation, and their approach to care.

“What we do at AQ – prolong a client’s ability to stay at home, for longer – differs to my previous experience of working in nursing homes, where clients live permanently,” said Angela.

“At the same time, I just love the client contact involved with working in aged care. So, when the AQ Client Service Coordinator role came up, I simply had to apply, and the rest is history.”

Today, although Angela’s role with AQ is still heavily administrative – she is the responsible client and centre liaison – she does, however, spend significant time in direct client contact – meeting each client’s individualised needs, and reporting such to the daily carers at the centre, and each client’s family members and/or carers.

“It may be as simple as ensuring that a client receives extra butter, because we know that they love butter.

“Or recognising that a client’s needs have changed over time. For instance, he or she may require an extra meal each day, or a nap after lunchtime to stay healthy,” Angela said.

In addition, Angela is also charged with planning daily activities for AQ’s clientele at the Garden City Multiservice Centre. She develops the schedule a month in advance, while allowing sufficient flexibility to align with the evolving needs of each client.

“I organise the calendar for our centre and schedule activities tailored to each client’s interests. For example, we had two former police officers, so we took them on a visit to the police museum,” said Angela.

“Although both of these retired officers were living with dementia, this was clearly a familiar environment to them, and it brought back many sentimental memories.”

The AQ Garden City Multiservice Centre also offers a range of other daily activities, including exercise classes, gardening, painting, baking, and cooking demonstrations, outside activities, relaxation, and various games.

“At AQ, we listen to each client, and assist them with activities of interest to them. Although we plan a month in advance, we can end up doing things differently on a day-to-day basis depending on the client’s needs on the day.

“Music evokes sweet memories for so many people. It’s like the lyrics are embedded, deep down memory lane. Some of our clients even start dancing too!” said Angela.

“These little, magical moments offer a window to each client’s past. The way they dance, or sing, tells a story both about who they once were, and who they are today. The Garden City Multiservice Centre is such a happy place.”

Angela joined AQ to “give back to the community”, by supporting both the client, and their carer/s, who are having to let go of their former lives, and embrace new beginnings.

“Throughout my life, I’ve encountered many personal challenges within a short space of time, relocating from one country to another. I appreciate just how hard it is to start all over again; to let go of what was once, and to build something new.

“So, when I first meet clients and their families, I can empathise with their situation. Then I can call upon my own personal experiences, to help them figure out, where, and how, to start, because that’s usually the hardest part,” Angela said.

“Many clients and their carers present to AQ feeling confused, and burnt out. Some have been juggling up to five different care providers, while others are stressed from having to attend ongoing medical appointments.

“Their families have also often been left on their own, to navigate the complex Australian aged care system, in order to find a suitable, online care package for their loved one,” said Angela.

“The older generation didn’t grow up with computers, or learning how to navigate the internet. It’s far too confusing for them. So, this tends to add a lot more stress to the situation.”

Fortunately, Angela ensures those who reach out to AQ, receive the necessary guidance to navigate “the system”, and to ultimately, receive the best possible care, tailored to both the individual, and their carer/s.

Angela, on behalf of the broader AQ team, we thank you sincerely for your steadfast commitment, and loyalty to your role. Thank you for helping our clientele, and their carers, to navigate the ‘system’, and for bringing light, love and laughter to a new chapter of their respective lives.

To enquire about our AQ Garden City Multiservice Centre services, call 07 3349 0875 or head here.

To apply for a role with AQ, head here.

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