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Nancy Scott – committed to making every day special for AQ Gordon Park clients and carers

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Six years ago, Brisbane-based trivia enthusiast, mother-to-two, and grandmother-to-two, Nancy Scott, joined our AQ team.

After surrendering her fast-paced, full-time hospitality position in 2016 to assume a quieter, part-time Case Manager role with AQ, Nancy soon climbed the ranks. In February 2021, she was promoted to Manager of our AQ Gordon Park Multiservice Centre, operating from a beautiful, Queenslander style cottage in North Brisbane.

“When I first interviewed with AQ, I had another administrative job offer in hand with a bank, which aligned well with my previous experience in human resources.

“But when AQ offered me a role, I simply couldn’t resist. I can’t quite explain why – probably because I knew in my heart, a role with AQ would allow me to make a genuine difference,” said Nancy.

“I honestly believe AQ chose me, not the other way round.”

Over the past six years, Nancy has assumed a variety of roles with AQ, and literally worked her way from administration, to a management role within the organisation.

“Every single role I’ve taken on, has always been client-focused,” Nancy explained.

“I signed up for two paths when joining AQ – to look after the person living with dementia, and their loved ones, because every carer requires equal support.”

Nancy has held three roles with AQ since 2016. She initially served as an AQ Case Manager for four years; a Client Service Coordinator for one year; and for just under two years, has fulfilled the role of Community Service Manager, managing our Gordon Park facility.

“Every AQ team member works together, to deliver quality care as a common goal.

“This organisational structure has made my professional growth possible,” said Nancy.

“Our AQ State Manager, Amy Prasad, has had a lot of faith in me. Although I suspected it would be tough to fulfil the role of Manager, Amy has proven me otherwise. Her wonderful support, combined with the interest & support I have received from every level of AQ, has proven invaluable. I couldn’t be happier.”

Nancy enjoys the beautiful work environment at AQ’s Gordon Park multiservice centre, and mostly, working with her much-valued clients, & learning all about the full lives they have both lived, & continue to lead, with her support.

Nancy literally “lives to work”, & is committed to making every single day special for those utilising our AQ Gordon Park services, for “they may not remember tomorrow”. 😇

This rings especially true for Nancy, who has experienced loss and grief in her own life. Nancy describes this time as a challenging period, that armed her with first-hand experience of the many challenges of caring for a loved one and especially overcoming loneliness.

Today, Nancy is also charged with coordinating our AQ carers support group, which meets twice a month, comprising those who care for a loved one experiencing cognitive decline.

Every alternate AQ carers support group, Nancy invites an external speaker to provide their personal perspective on life as a carer, and to offer participants some invaluable tools to help tackle the many challenges of caring.

“At our next AQ carers support group, our speaker will address the topic of wellness and Tai Chi, and how to manage life when things are getting a little heated,” said Nancy.

According to Nancy, many AQ clients are encountering various challenges to their lives, & neither they, nor their carers, may be aware that help is available. Consequently, they continue to contend with these, often insurmountable challenges, for longer than necessary.

Nancy, you are a consummate professional. We thank you for your hard work & unrelenting commitment to our wonderful clientele & their carers, & for filling each day with love, care & kindness.

To learn more about AQ’s carers support groups, head here.

To enquire about our AQ Gordon Park services, call 07 3857 2191 or head here.

To apply for a role with AQ, head here.

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