Social Support

DACS provides social support and assistance to individuals to ensure they remain engaged with their local community, active in their social circle and well connected through the provision of technology.

Our community access services provide individuals with a carer to accompany them to various appointments such as with a doctor, dentist or hairdresser, ensuring their health and wellbeing is maintained. Our carers can also provide assistance shopping or accompany the individual to visits with their friends and family.

We recognise that social support may also be required in the home, so our carers can provide a range of services from assistance reading books or newspapers, keeping on top of correspondence, welfare checks or accompanying at home hobbies such as letter writing, cooking and knitting.

Funding can be used to purchase communication technologies including tablets, smart devices and internet subscriptions allowing the individual to be connected to the broader community and easily contacted, which can provide an extra piece of mind to the client and their family. DACS can also provide instructions and assistance on how to use these technologies.

Our individual social support services includes:

  • Accompanying clients on activities, such as shopping trips, GP visits and paying bills
  • Support while attending events
  • Visiting services
  • Daily welfare checks (on the phone, or in person)
  • Assisting with the use of technology
  • Accompanying at home activities, such as letter writing, cooking and knitting
  • High level assistance to provide respite to a carer.
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